Professional retouching services
I offer retouching services to professionals and businesses globally. My rates are competitive and my turnaround time is very fast, usually within 48 hours for small batches. 

I have six years of experience as a retoucher in my photography business. My primary tools are Adobe Photoshop and Bridge (Lightroom if required). I also work with plugins like the NIK Software collection for batches, along with Portrait Pro and Luminar AI.

My skillset as a retoucher includes but is not limited to: professional skin retouching (frequency separation, dodging & burning, etc.), color grading, backgrounds and distractions removal, masking, smart object workflow, anamorphic and liquify bodywork, beauty retouching, photo compositing, and many other miscellaneous editing skills that I use in my fine art photography workflow.

You may see samples of my work in my portfolio section on my website. Alternatively, you can view some of my professional and personal projects on my main Instagram profile under @Craig.Boehman.

As a freelance photographer, I’m accustomed to working remotely on jobs. My standard rate for assignments is $32 per hour. But depending on your needs, my rate can be adjusted on a per-project basis. My preference is for long-term assignments, however, where the right rate for both of us can be negotiated after establishing trust and regular deliveries. Whatever the case, I’d love to enter into a discussion about your specific requirements to see if I’m the best retoucher for you.

Contact me for a Free Consultation / Quote.

Rate - 32.00 USD per hour or by project
What I Do:
- High-quality retouching in Photoshop (various plugins available for batch work continuity)
- Dodging and burning
- Liquify
- Background removal
- Masks & Smart Objects
- Image compositing
- Frequency separation
- Color grading
- Blemish - Dust - Distraction - People removal, etc.
- Color-matching/replacement
- Portrait photography
- Product photography
- Lifestyle photography
- Architecture
- One re-edit on request. Additional edits $32 per hour

Contact me with your requirements and for a quote at info@craigboehman.com