The Man In The Window

Craig Boehman street photography. Mumbai, India.

Mumbai - Worli Koliwada. This location is one of my favorite places to walk in peace, through the Koli fishing village and around its perimeter. There are views of the city skyline and of the Sea Link. Its best perk for visitors perhaps are the people - welcoming, friendly, and typically adept at speaking English. When you stray off any of the two main roads through its interior, you'll undoubtedly have conversations with Koli residents. This gentleman conversed with me and a friend of mine back in mid-February, roughly six weeks prior to India lockdown on March 25. It was the last time I was to visit. I can't help but wonder how these people are holding up given the Covid-19 outbreak. The village is densely-packed, but not as bad some a few other places I've visited in Mumbai. A prime example of one of the many spots in India where social distancing just doesn't work. I look forward to visiting when all the containment zones are lifted in Mumbai, but I don't see that happening anytime soon due to news of increasing cases.

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