Sunset Shooting At Versova Beach

Fine art photography by Craig Boehman.

November 27, 2020 - Mumbai, India.

I returned to Versova to specifically hunt sunsets. I only packed my Sigma 35mm ART with my Sony A7iii to keep things simple. There were a few boats that passed along the river which were a little further out, making me wish I had taken my 85mm too. But I made do and waited for the right moments to present themselves.

I decided to process this particular scene with a little more magenta than I typically do. I think it made for a welcome change of pace.

I'd been watching several men bagging sand along the shoreline. They loaded two boats completely down and began rowing upstream to who knows where. They'd done this before because they managed to stay afloat and presumably got to where they intended to make landfall. This particular young man began showing off for me while I was taking pictures. This was one of the more natural shots when he was transitioning for another "look".

Lastly, my favorite shot of the lot. I was happy to see cloudy skies for a change at Versova. This made for a more dramatic effect without having to consider a sky-replacement edit. Some birds added a little extra something when they flew in stage left.

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