Sony Forgot They Invented Real-Time Eye Autofocus In 2019

WTF, Sony? Who in your marketing department suggested programming Eye AF into the focus hold buttons on your lenses - in December 2019?

"The Sony Lens Feature You Didn't Know About"

More like "The Feature Sony Forgot They Gave Us A Few Months Ago".

Okay. Most of you out there probably don't know what I'm prattling on about, so here's a little background. Sony released a new real-time Eye Autofocus feature back in March and April 2019 for their third generation A7 series cameras (A7iii, A7Riii, A9). This feature allowed these camera owners to be able to track eyes without having to hold down a button while additionally focusing.

I will be the first one in line to say what a ground-breaking feature this had been! It was absolutely amazing. Any human I pointed my Sony A7iii at - or any picture of people or even realistic illustrations with eyes - the camera would instantly put a little green box around the nearest eye. Mind you, without holding down a button to do so. It was completely automatic, or real-time.

Fast-forward nearly eight months and I receive a notification in my inbox on December 27, 2019, about a new Sony Alpha Universe video. I watch it. I felt like I had time-travelled back to 2018 or before. With the help of Miguel Quiles, who demonstrated this "Sony lens feature you did'n't know about" in his otherwise helpful advice to capture better portraits on Sony lenses which had focus hold buttons.

The focus hold button is just below the "G" on the lens. Before the days of real time Eye AF, the photographer would simply press that button to activate the feature (if he chose to program it to be there), rather than fumbling around with another button on the back of the camera.

So apparently, the Sony marketing department believes that despite their wonderful real-time Eye AF revolution - it would make perfect sense to program it to the focus hold button on select lenses - for what, redundancy or for some old school, retrograde flashback? Or did this particular marketing individual team simply forget what Sony already had invented? Or worse, weren't even aware of it?

I'll be curious to see whether or not Sony takes down this video. If you're curious, check out the comments of dumb-founded Sony users. I'm including an uploaded version of the video below in case it vanishes.

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