Re-Discovering My Old 'Basic' Composites

Sometimes I forget that I've been interested in compositing for a long time.

I'm sure you've noticed a change in my photography of late, especially during the Covid-19 Era. I'd been more or less wanting to take my photography (and client work) in another direction for months prior. That idea became solidified during lockdown, with a clear focus on composite fine art photography. So while I've been studying up on Photoshop and the methodologies employed to make these kind of images, I kept receiving little surprises now and again when searching through my archives for images to incorporate into new work. Like the image above. This was but a simple composite of two images - one of a boy I photographed in Mumbai with his selfie stick in hand and the other of a public domain image of an underwater atomic bomb test in the South Pacific. While not a complex theme by any long stretch, I was amused at the idea of a hypothetical global nuclear war when Armageddon-inspired self-takers would stake out potential strike zones and ready their phones for the most epic of selfies. Yeah, I've got a twisted, little mind. I keep saying this - and our lockdown here in India keeps getting extended every time I think it, but I'm very much looking forward to getting out and shooting stock images for my new pursuit in the fine arts. There's nothing worse than cabin fever during a lockdown. . . except for the Donner Party variety. Don't be surprised if you see something unsettling on the horizon.

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