"Nothing But Flowers"

Fine art composite photography by Craig Boehman.

"Nothing But Flowers" was inspired in part by a Talking Heads song of the same title. I decided a caption was needed for this one.

"In the year 2445, humankind returned to their home planet after more than two hundred years away. They'd left it a ruined planet, when even the shopping malls and outlet stores and three-and-a-half million square miles of parking lots were in a state of unshakable decline. The place had become uninhabitable, certainly unsuitable for humanity. The return trip was commissioned by the leadership of Mars with the hopes of revamping mass-mining to retrieve useful elements deep within the earth - all the stuff left behind because the technology hadn't been there in centuries past to completely strip the planet bare for galactic-resettlement. But upon return, instead of finding the remnants of a failed global civilization, they found nothing but flowers."

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