My Search For An Assistant May Be Over

It hasn't been a long search for my assistant. But sometimes strange, sometimes annoying.

Sohan and friend, from left to right

Personal blog entry, February 21, 2020

I had met Sohan about a year ago while shooting a model at Versova Beach in Mumbai. In subsequent visits, I happened to encounter him there on other shoots since he was a local resident and lived close by.

In time, we got to know each other better and by coincidence I happened to be looking for an assistant for some of my personal work. We talked about it and decided to give it a go.

In the above frame, Sohan's friend is showing him around the dials and menu system of the Canon 90D before we began our walk through Versova Beach and the village.

Since December 2019 I had been advertising on social media for a photography assistant. Like anything else in this city, things usually don't go as planned. I had a few meetings prior to making an arrangement with Sohan. They were all time-sinks in the big picture. Strangely, I have a few people out there in my social media circles who are fans of my work and occasionally they seek me out for a meeting. I'm always happy to meet, especially over a coffee. But usually such meetings are a waste of time. The last one was spent in nearly two hours of listening to an otherwise nice kid talking incessantly about his projects and views - only to discover he apparently wasn't very interested in meeting again after satisfying his curiosity about me (I could have saved both he and I the trouble though!).

Another time was wasted on a model-turned-actor-turned-Mumbai-resident who was eager to do a TFP shoot with me for his portfolio. He was also interested in being my assistant but was looking for a working wage, which I couldn't provide, and so we decided on a shoot only. But before we got around to his shoot, he recommended me to his fellow acting friend who also needed some portfolio pictures. So I met his friend next and set up a sunrise shoot. What ended up happening was he cancelled out at the last minute, claiming he was sick, only to be contacted an hour later by his "agent" - who turns out is a childhood friend and possible love interest - who pleaded with me to shoot him later after she "gave him a flu shot". I told her that I had already scheduled another model last minute because he cancelled. For reasons unknown, she couldn't wrap her head around the concept and pleaded to reconsider shooting later in the morning - when the light would be complete shit. The fact that people like this are unprofessional as fuck and undedicated to their own careers, and can't be bothered to keep a morning schedule nor understand the concept of why lighting is important, is extremely annoying. Anyway, long story short I did a pity reschedule and the fucker flaked out on that one too. And then Mr. Precious I-Don't-Do-Mornings-Well must have complained to his friend - who then cold-shouldered me on our upcoming shoot - apparently because he listens to idiots who aren't going to make it in the industry.

Hey, if you've read this far you've realized by now this is a blog entry much like a personal diary, hence the "Craig" label. I don't share such posts on social media but they are here nevertheless for those who are curious and perusing my blog entries.

After some strange and annoying encounters, Sohan arrives on the scene, eager to learn, punctual as hell, and very smart to boot. I hope it works out with him.

More updates to come. Stay tuned.

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