My Gateway Mirrorless Camera: The Sony A6000

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Still my recommendation for those on a budget and looking to get into the mirrorless world

Jürgen Matern / Wikimedia Commons

The astute among you will pick up on the fact that I didn't take the picture for my header image. This is your first clue that I no longer own the Sony A6000, which was my gateway camera into the mirrorless world.

I've been for over a year now the proud and satisfied owner of the full frame Sony A7M3. That is to say, I've upgraded to the full frame world for the sake of my photography career.

But I'm often asked about what camera I would recommend for those on a budget. And it's usually difficult for me to say because I've only used one mirrorless camera - the A6000. And there's no way in sweet bloody hell I'd go on the record and recommend that someone purchase a DOA (dead on arrival) DSLR. Not after using a mirrorless system. Not in 2019. This is for another discussion, perhaps.

I'm including here my original report on having used the Sony A6000, back when I was still using it for my everyday photography. I still recommend it for those on a budget and looking to break into the mirrorless world. And yes, I'd recommend this now discontinued model over all the other Sony APS-C offerings, the A6100, A6400, and the A6600 - or whatever APS-C E mount system Sony should spit out. Why?

Because if you're investing that kind of money in an E Mount APS-C system, you'd be better well-served by springing for a new or used Sony A7M3 full frame system. Do the math and compare bang for your buck. And remember this: you're also investing in the lens line-up. And why would you ever - EVER - spend over a thousand bucks on an APS-C system anyway? And buy the lenses to make it worthwhile? It doesn't make any sense to me. Also, a topic for another blog but I'll be happy to address this in comments.

I'll stand by my recommendation until there's a major shake-up int he APS-C mirrorless market. Until then, if you're looking to break into the mirrorless world, please read the pdf located here:

Here's a video that talks about the A6000 line and does a great job talking about the differences in models.

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