Microsoft's New Windows 10 Edge Is Faster Than Chrome

Browser vs. Browser speed test by photographer Craig Boehman.

I'll be up front for the record: I am not a fan of Microsoft in general. While I do prefer Microsoft to Apple as far as operating systems, I try to limit my use of either company's products and services due to a myriad of reasons, the main one being both company's association with PRISM.

Remember Snowden's revelations?

You'll notice that Microsoft was the first adaptor of PRISM while Apple was added at the tail end right before the news broke the following year. Skullduggery aside, we're all stuck with these companies and their products. Unless you're an advanced user (think Linux), you're probably like me and using Google and maybe Google Chrome for web-browsing. And maybe like me, you've ignored all of Microsoft's attempts to subvert your own web-browsing experience by switching over to Microsoft Edge.

But this morning, after my computer ran through some obligatory updates, I was curious about the new Microsoft Edge update. So I ran a speed test. And I was surprised with the results because in the past, Chrome was beating out the other browsers I had been considering. But as of June 20, 2020 - Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome. At least it is for me. In every speed test I performed, Microsoft Edge beat out Chrome consistently in the speed department by a factor of 5 to 10 megabits per second on both downloading and uploading.

I even ran tests while writing this piece to be sure. Same results. Microsoft Edge keeps beating Chrome. Switching over to Microsoft Edge is a no-brainer right now for me. At a time during the Covid-19 pandemic here in India, the Internet is generally clogged since everyone has been in general lockdown since March 26, 2020.

In this new age of technology, there are no greater or lesser evils anymore. There is just evil. So it doesn't really matter what browser you're using - go with the fastest and use a VPN!

As always, I welcome your comments. Which browser are you using?

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