Marine Drive Morning

Fine art photography by Craig Boehman

On this particular morning, I was meeting for a portrait shoot. The model was late but fortunately I bade my time well photographing the majestic Marine Drive, here in Mumbai. While the sunsets are more spectacular, the thing I noticed about the sunrise was that the morning light was first hitting the buildings up north and lighting them up in a golden hue. I'm not a landscape shooter, but the light was too good to pass up. What happened next was this file and the couple dozen or so shots just like it were filed away for more than two months. Because I usually have little interest in such things. But enter the great India Lockdown in lie of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the past two months I've been holed up, virtually under house arrest. We've been only allowed for essential food and medicine (things are stricter here in Mumbai). This has forced me to rely heavily on my image archive for material to keep me engaged with my craft. And the most unlikely candidates were the discarded shots strewn throughout folders on my laptop hard drive.

On the editing

These days, it's rare for me to process these kinds of shots as they appeared to me in reality. I've no interest in this - unless a client is paying me. What I like to do with more frequency is create something entirely new from the image, like one might see in a painting. No doubt, the prospect of pursuing fine art as another facet of my photography has only become more prominent in my life. And this image is the case in point. Given the option, it's my first priority.

If you like what you see, consider commissioning me to create something for your wall. Email me at

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