Lockdown Re-Edits, 2015 Kolkata Style

A look back at some of my old street photography shots.

Published in part on Instagram previously.

News today from Mumbai is - continued lockdown until June 30. While it's not necessarily bad for some of us in the non-containment zones, some of my neighbors are stuck with limited services and virtually no rights to even venture out to exercise (depending how the new guidelines are implemented). At any rate, I'm personally looking forward to going on a walk tomorrow morning before the sun comes up. It will be the first time in over two months for such a pleasure. Lockdown has been real. I'll save my complaints and criticisms for another day. Likely a few of you will hear them later this summer over beer.

Today, I'd been looking back at some of the first edited shots I had saved on my Flickr account from 2015. This is something I usually don't do because most of those shots, if not all, were poorly edited. But I spent a few hours going through them nevertheless and edited some of them with fresh eyes from 2020. A couple of these were taken on an old 2012 Canon Powershot A230 while others were "fortunate" to have been rendered on my Canon Rebel T3 - from 2011!

Here are five of them. There are a couple others I shared on my website blog due to Instagram not being able to post multiple images with both horizontal and vertical orientations. Anyway, I'll leave you with these. Feel free to show me your new edits of old work, especially if you're still stuck in lockdown. Until then, adios my fellow Covid-19 dodgers.

Since I have a little more space in my blog, I'm going to show the before and after edits for each image. I'll also provide individual captions for each image.

2015 edit. Caption: One of the first pictures I had taken with my lowly Canon Powershot that I actually really liked. Not to mention, one of my favorite subjects too.

2020 edit.

2015 edit. Caption: I've tried to capture this fellow in candid shots ever since photographing him here. He was one of the most outstanding beard-keepers I'd seen in Kolkata. I fear he's no longer with us though...the past couple years I've not seen him at all at his fruit stall.

2015 edit. Caption: I was walking over a bridge one morning just before 8am when I saw this family below just hanging out on the sidewalk watching the sun come up. They weren't speaking, they weren't doing anything else. They were only being the way you see them now for what seemed like eternity. I moved on before the scene was spoiled by another moment.

2020 edit.

2015 edit. Caption: Hand-pulled rickshaw operator.

2020 edit.

2015 edit. Caption: This one is kinda of funny - if only because the girl was okay! Here's what happened:

The autorickshaw clipped the hand-pulled rickshaw, which is just behind it. The girl was flung from on top of it. Immediately, the operator in the white tanktop went to check the damage to his front wheel as one of the passengers of the autorickshaw got out to assist the girl.

This had happened so quickly! I was actively photographing on the street but I barely had time to assess what was happening and had to wait for the obnoxious lag time on my Canon Powershot to actually take the damned picture.

To paraphrase one of Bill Burr's punchlines: "She then got up and vanished into the crowd like Hannibal Lecter."

2020 edit.

2015 edit. Caption: I happened to be returning from one of my photography excursions when I spied this iron man (yes, he actually irons for a living) taking an afternoon nap post lunch.

2020 edit.

2015 edit. Caption: This was during one super hot and humid day in May. I was quite pleased to see this bicyclist carrying the fan...first time I'd seen this but not the last.

2020 edit.

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