Le Guitariste

Fine art photography by Craig Boehman.

I never thought I would be the photographer to take self-portraits. It took two very dissimilar events to make this possible – the Covid-19 outbreak along with a newfound desire to produce fine art photography. Fortunately for me working in my tiny Mumbai flat, I own a super wide angle 18mm full frame prime lens that helped tremendously with this shoot. I set my camera up on a shoe rack at just over three feet away and set my timer for 10 seconds.

Originally, I was trying a few stunts while wearing one of these three-sided cat tunnels over my head. The plan had initially been to add one of my heads with different poses to each entrance of the contraption. Problem was, I was running blind and couldn’t see how it was looking after each shutter press. In this case, 10 seconds weren’t enough and the number of shots quickly climbed – all the while my knees were beginning to ache after each consecutive take. I could have simply held the thing up in a separate image, but I was feeling especially goofy at the time and wanted to wear it “for reals.”

In the end, I settled for what you see here, a simple shot of me against my living room wall with a skyline shot of Mumbai composited in. I fully acknowledge that I’m lacking additional items of interest – but sometimes the minimalist side of me wins out, and I opted instead to line up the rising sun with my head, which was tilted all the way back and mostly out of frame. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

I've made some of my photography and fine art prints available at Society6. International shipping, 30 day returns, basically no risk to you if you're not happy with the end piece. I'm always happy to take requests - if you've seen pictures of mine that you like I'd be happy to make these available too. I'm also open to commissions (contact me). Buy prints here: https://society6.com/craigboehman Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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