Juhu Beach Photo Shoot

My photo shoot with Amruta on January 12, 2020.

The great thing about shooting at beach locales is that they can look like they could be anyplace in the world. With a little help from a good lens, all backgrounds can be sufficiently blurred in-camera and further tweaks made to make spots like Juhu Beach completely unrecognizable. And maybe that's the point: to avoid repeating the same shots, a little post magic is necessary to keep familiar haunts fresh.

But before today, I never shot a model at Juhu; it's always been at Versova Beach. The problem has become that shooting mornings just after sunrise (my preference for Versova) is the toilet crowd squatting along the shore en mass. There have been one too many times now having to literally look at that shit while trekking around for a spot to shoot. It really throws off the mood. To top it off, as if the nail in the coffin for Versova, the last time I was shooting there a dog paid a visit to my camera bag and backpack and decided they were great targets to mark his territory. Needless to say, that was it.

Which brings me back to Juhu Beach, Mumbai's most popular beach. I think this may become my go-to morning beach shooting locale. Not only are there a few decent doors attached to the hotel grounds hugging the coast line, there's also a jetty at the south side of the beach. Strangely enough, there are also plenty of palm trees at Juhu which are missing from the Versova experience.

The light at the end of the tunnel happens to be the brilliant sunsets at Versova, which I think are more spectacular than at Juhu due to the number of interesting things always going on at Versova Beach (see prior posts). Which brings up the logical strategy of reserving my morning shoots for Juhu and my evening shoots for Versova.

I'll be posting some of Amruta's pictures later for a new commercial portfolio I've been working on. Stay tuned.

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