I Hope This Isn't True

A critical look at the President's wardrobe suggests a disturbing possibility.

I hope this isn't true...

If you look closely at the back of Trump's right arm, there are an alarming number of creases that normally wouldn't be there. Why?

Sociologists actually discovered this phenomenon a decade ago. It happens when disbalanced CEOs and politicians rant on social media (like Twitter) through all hours of the night. The increased jerky elbow movements and rapid-twitch finger-tendon motions cause a flurry of localized seismic tremors that permanently crease suit fabrics over surprisingly short spans time. Sort of like a hot summer wind through a delicate silk hanky.

Prolonged activities like this will destroy your wardrobe, sociologists claim. Plus, brain damage, if it already isn’t present, is one of the unfortunate side effects from this highly preventable condition called Fabric Untidy Creases Kept Motion Erratic Syndrome – or FUCK ME Syndrome.

My thoughts and prayers are with our president.

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