I Don't Write For An Audience: I Write For Google Rankings

I'm only being 20% sarcastic. Daily blogging has proven to push websites higher in Google rankings.

For the record, I write because I want to and because I love photography. I don't need to blog. But I've made a commitment to blog everyday for the near future in order to keep my mind sharp while providing what I hope will be useful tips and insights on all topics photography. You might see the odd short story or poem as well. I intentionally made my URL CraigBoehman.com rather than CraigBoehmanPhotography.com for this very reason: I will do whatever I want on my own website.

That's to say I've got a two-pronged approach: I'm a writer and a photographer - I will do both daily and share my work with the world. Here's the catch: I know I have a very small audience. Which is why I write for Google rankings.

This may sound somewhat pessimistic and you would be correct. But I'm a realist. And frankly, I would be writing if I knew that no one in the world would be reading my stuff anyway. However, I know there's always one Supreme Entity reading my work at any given time. Google.

Google reads my shit - even if you don't

Here's the thing. I'm a professional photographer. But that doesn't mean I have to behave a certain way when I write. I write for myself. I write 'who I am'. I don't write for corporate pinheads and I don't write for the Moral Police or anyone else. I use profanity. I use humor. Occasionally, I write something which may prove valuable to photographers.

But at the end of the day, I couldn't care less if anyone reads my work. We live in a different era, folks. Because if you couldn't give a flying fuck about what I write, I know Google does. Google is my Constant Reader. And Google rewards me when I do well, not you. Sorry, likes and nice comments don't pay my bills. But Google helps me do this. How? Through rankings.

Higher rankings means more business

One of my favorite revenue streams is my photography workshop business. I offer several workshops in Mumbai and around the world to paying clients. So far, I've gotten all of this business through my website. I mean all of it, 100%.

I know this because I've asked every single client I've had for my photography workshops and they've all found me from Google Search initially. This is very informative for photographers like me who offer very niche services. Very niche services requires an approach which is constantly feeding the content-driven engines of Google algorithms. A daily blog fits the bill to keep my content out there for prying eyes to see.

Tips: Or at least, what I do

If you've read several of my blog posts you'll know I'm a fan of profanity and humor. I don't overdo it in every post but I'm not a stranger to it either. Which leads me to tip number 1:

* Be yourself

If you use profanity in real life, use it in your writing. Why? Because if you don't, you're a fraud. You're trying to play up to a non-existent puritan audience whom you believe won't hire you or give you the time of day if you exercise your freedom of speech. Well, fuck that sky high, as Toast is fond of saying.

Truth is, I don't want a client who's judgemental to the point where they wouldn't hire me based on my talent. The door swings both ways, my friends.

Tip Number 2

Don't format your blogs based strictly on SEO strategies. This could possible be the most sketchy advice I offer but I stand by it and practice it to the letter. The truth is, Google's algorithms change frequently because users learn how to manipulate ranking results. So what happens is you have content from certain time periods that all look and feel the same. The same formats are used, the same kind of key word filling strategies utilized. And most of this "content" looks like formulated dog shit which is trying too hard to fit in and lacks character and style, and more importantly, an authentic voice. This harkens back to my first tip - be yourself.


And finally, have fun. Don't be so stuffy. Don't feel the need to even follow your own rules and guidelines. Break out once in a while and be a wild man or woman. Life is short. Write like it all ends tomorrow. Write like you have no audience, except for some pathetic, automated machine that analyzes your every word for value. Even then, fuck that sky high. Write because you have to, you want to, you desire to.

Higher rankings will follow in your shadows.

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