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Fine art by Craig Boehman.

Holodream was created in 2020, a composite image made up of several photos I've taken over the years. None of the images were photographed together at the same time and place. During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in India, I discovered the world of fine art composite photography. I have dabbled with it in the past but never seriously studied how to make it, which I continue to do along with artistic and business pursuits in photography. As with many of the images I seek out in the genre of street photography, I often select lone subjects involved in some activity. I'm interested in themes of isolation, surrealism, absurdity, and reserve a special place in my process for developing these ideas through the filter of expressionism. My subjects struggle with something "real" internally, while their surroundings may border on the mundane or "normal" but with added benefit of one or more glaring cracks in reality somewhere in the image. I'm not afraid of the photography side of my art, which is to say that I don't mind if one or two of the composited images survive severe aesthetic makeovers and live on to showcase their true photographic origins. In fact, I believe this works in my favor when it comes to highlighting the idea of isolation, especially when my subject is small, off-center, and not the first thing that immediately catches the viewer's eyes. Maybe in this case, it's the beautifully dark, lush forest which lures the eye, or the brighter points of light - the campfire and the exit sign. Even better if there's a natural tug-of-war vying for the viewer's attention between these elements. I have no desire bore my audience with details which may not be easily detected: I want them to explore them, like first-timers taking their first steps onto a new planet. I'm not interested in force-feeding meaning either. If my subjects are suffering, it need not be for easily-discerned reasons. Or the reasons may be several or obscured by competing possibilities. My desire is for my viewer to feel like he and she just trespassed through a dream, however pleasant or maligned the experience.

The man was photographed in Mumbai in 2017, originally Day 162 of a year-long everyday project called #3StrangersAday. The original image can be found on my Flickr page here. The forest itself was shot in 2015 near Newport, Oregon. The original image can also be found on my Flickr page here.

The remaining images, which aren't really worth showing the originals, apart from the "members only" door 2015 Kolkata, India - which I personally love as an individual image and found here - were shot in Mumbai, including the exit sign, campfire, foreground and texture elements.

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