Holi Walk 2020

Images from my sunrise walk on Holi 2020 in Mumbai.

Caption for above: Some beaches change dramatically over time, even within a day's span. Versova is one such place. If all the beaches in the world were magically connected, in one long loop crisscrossing the globe, I believe a person could walk continually forever and not recognize much of the terrain upon passing the second time, the third, and so on. The physical forces at play would make it next to impossible to recognize any of the soft features after a year's journey. Then, at about the time one's life memories begin to fade, cliffs will fold. Sands erode. New beaches cut. Rivers and streams emerge and dry up - to the point when everything is recognizable once more, just as a sunrise is the sibling of sunset - all the warmth, familiar and welcome.

Caption for above: There are some fascinating and photogenic acres in obscure Mumbai, on its perimeter, where I call the Fringelands. Generally, places where tourists and locals alike never heard of nor seen, and where sometimes there isn't even electricity or basic creature comforts. But people do dwell here, Mumbaikars and the intrepid from beyond Maharashtra. It's one of my great pleasures discovering these places and catching the odd Holi sunrise.

Caption for above:

When my grandmother was a young woman, she used to collect antique bottles that she and my uncle would dig up. I think it wasn't just a hobby, but a passion too. I couldn't blame her. They were everywhere on her outdoor patio, like treasures from an archeological site. These weren't your ordinary bottles we're used to seeing from the latter half of the 20th Century forward - these bottles were lead-based from the Prohibition Era and prior, heavier naturally, rugged and thick, and beautifully designed and finished in cobalt blue hues, rich rootbeers, and other shades of off-white gemstone brilliance. Whenever I pass modern bottles on the beach, I often have a look for a blink or two longer than the average passing stroller might. For instance, the bottle pictured here possessed the beautifully rounded edges of these antique bottles. Save for the cheap, twist-off cap, I was momentarily transported back to when I was a child and reminded of those early relics, some of which may finally rest on some of my family's shelves, if not lost to time once more.

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