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Craig Boehman fine art photography.

The making of a meme. Well, this one took some time for me to pull off with my humble Photoshop skills. It's a composite of a large image of the famous scene from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. The eyebrows were taken from one photo of Trump while most of his face was lifted from another. The MAGA hat was very difficult incorporating into this piece, at least for me now. I spent some time not only searching but also morphing the numerous hats and perspectives in order to realize I needed the one I featured here, which was lifted off a Kanye West photo, of all people. There's very little of Jack Nicholson pixel-wise remaining. Some of his chin, a little bit of his stubble. Initially, I toyed with the idea of just coloring Nicholson's Trump's signature "orangutan orange". But I thought the image would go a lot further if I could somehow manage to get the hat in there. I'm happy that I did, despite the amount of time it put me through to get it just right. I've shared the image across my social media channels. I have a low following, so my meme will likely avoid the "viral" circuit for the foreseeable future. But it will be interesting to dive into the Web a few months from now to see how many times the meme has been stolen/edited/shared/etc. I certainly don't mind any of this. After all, during lockdown here in Mumbai there's little for a photographer like me to do but to experiment and continue on in odd ways until this all clears up.

I've made some of my photography and fine art prints available at Society6. International shipping, 30 day returns, basically no risk to you if you're not happy with the end piece. I'm always happy to take requests - if you've seen pictures of mine that you like I'd be happy to make these available too. I'm also open to commissions (contact me). Buy prints here: Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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