Fine Art Composite Sketchbooking

Fine art by Craig Boehman - sketches during Covid-19 lockdown.

Is there a digital version of sketching? I like to think so. Sometimes I'll be working on a composite and I'm not always sure whether or not it will see the light of day, at least formally, on an Instagram profile or elsewhere. I completed a couple versions of the same basic composite today. I consider these sketches, mainly because I have no plans for them beyond simple sharing on Facebook. Also, these weren't really planned out with a solid theme in mind. I only had a basic idea of combining a portrait with an iMac and then throwing it into some random background - just whatever I had available with me. Problem is, I'm still in lockdown here in Mumbai. I'm not able to get outside and shoot many of the elements I need to make art. In the meantime, I'm allowing myself to enjoy the "sketching" process, to digitally doodle, even. Digitally doodle. Now that has a ring to it! Here's one more.

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