"Feline Mind"

Fine art photography by photographer Craig Boehman. The original image behind the piece.

Oftentimes, I'll photograph things which make me cringe. Not for sport or anything, but because there's something that strikes me about the scene. It was no different on this occasion, when I was out shooting street photography and I happened upon this.

A dead cat. As a cat-lover and owner, I felt bad. And sometimes I'll take a picture without fully understanding why. I think this was one such time. I came across the image today. I hadn't done anything with it, naturally. It was sitting, much like I was, under virtual house arrest during the Covid-19 pandemic in Mumbai. I decided to give the image new life.

The process took some time. The most difficult part, it turns out, was determining the framing. After two or three different experiments, I settled on a square frame. Somehow, it erased all traces of death. Seldom are dead things found within a square, was my tiny epiphany. For me, the square crop introduced some life. The rest of the work was coloring, textures, and gradient work; a lot of it, actually. But I'm pleased with the results.

The dead can be resurrected sometimes.

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