Craig Boehman fine art photography.

This composite is the result of four separate images. Originally based on a sand pattern shot on one of Mumbai's beaches, it resembled an evil crow right from the beginning - after a wee bit of Photoshop tweaking. The main adjustments here were the eye (which didn't exist in the original image) and added contrast to make the figure pop from the sand.

The above image for me, is a complete work of art. I needn't have taken it further but for the fact that the world of fine art compositing requires it. For me, the excitement now is collecting images, lost puzzle pieces, which will later be assembled together into a new vision.

On top of the sand crow, I composited a real picture of a crow I had taken, which surprisingly didn't add much to the sand shot apart from some minor feather details. Actually, there's a fifth image - a human eye - which I had taken from one of my street photography shots. The remaining two images are one of an original textured background and of the city of Mumbai itself, specifically, the Worli skyline, nestled within the beak of the creature. I won't show you these other images because they're not anything special, only pixels I borrowed in order to make the final piece.

My pursuit of art has been historically a passion just out of reach. I remember from childhood being interested in photography. But back in those days, it was the film era and allowance didn't cover the cost of a camera, film, processing, and prints. Having never really possessed any talent for drawing or painting, the next best thing has always been photography. And nowadays, I'm thrilled to have entered another phase when image-making will take on yet another addition to my other photographic responsibilities. I've made some of my photography and fine art prints available at Society6. International shipping, 30 day returns, basically no risk to you if you're not happy with the end piece. I'm always happy to take requests - if you've seen pictures of mine that you like I'd be happy to make these available too. I'm also open to commissions (contact me). Buy prints here:

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