“Clone,I Tell All Our Mutual Friends I Am Looking For You.”

Fiction & Image by photographer Craig Boehman.

Last week, I spotted my clone. He was in my neighborhood, for the first time in nearly two decades. I’m compelled to share with you that I have changed my appearance; I’ve shaved my head. This accomplishes a couple of things which are vital, not only for me but for you as well. Because we all have our clone out there. Somewhere. And we must tread smartly lest we are replaced. Changing appearance has advantages, presuming you plan on informing your Inner Circle. It establishes a timestamp of your transformation. It’s safe to assume your clone will have an identical hairstyle, as did mine when I saw him looking out at me from the backseat of that passing car. It’s vital to change your look within minutes of spotting your clone. Document with video and be sure the GPS and time/date features are active on your smartphone. Like I did. You must notify your Inner Circle at a pre-determined time after the fact. This creates a buffer zone in which you can investigate sightings of your clone and confirm with your Inner Circle and strangers in case [it] has infiltrated your life already.

Assume and plan for your clone’s discovery of your transformation – and likely prior to your announcement. After all, [it] has been watching you from a distance, but watching nevertheless. This may sound counterintuitive but I assure you it’s your only smart move after your clone discovers your whereabouts. Why? Because it informs your clone that you are keeping a lookout for [it]. If [it] thought you were unaware, [it] would be more brazen and opt for a more brutal and direct attack. Likewise, you don’t want to lure your clone in by pretending not to be aware of [its] arrival. This has backfired on me twice over the course of my life: [it] is stronger than you, [it] is faster than you. [It} may even be smarter than you. You want [it] to know you’re keeping vigilant watch. Trust me. I’ve lived long enough that this is now my fifth encounter-to-be with my clone. I’ll keep you posted, my trusted Inner Circle. And if you’re reading this, Let’s finish this.


I tell all our mutual friends I am looking for you.”

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