Before & After Edits #1 "Girl Alone"

Aktualisiert: 10. Sept 2020

My street photography transformed into fine art. Thank you, Covid-19!

It's been a while since I've posted to my blog - and a lot has happened. The arrival of Covid-19, to name just one. And isn't that enough? Since India has been under lockdown, I've returned to my image archives for street shots that I can transform into fine art. I've two reasons for this, three really, if I count amusing myself to keep sane from being cooped up for weeks. But diving deep into the world of Photoshop has been my primary focus. Secondly, I want to create new images from the old.

For a little background, the above image of the girl was taken back in Kolkata during my 2017 #3StrangersAday project - on Day 86. I was using my old Canon Rebel T3 back then, equipped with the 24mm 2.8 pancake lens. Here's the original edited shot.

One more thing I'll mention, when I originally took this shot I found the girl all alone on this table. I believe it was being used by a vendor for marketplace items, but no one else was around. I figured someone had left her...or she had wandered here alone and just plopped down for a nap. It's sad in either case, given that even in the nicer areas of Kolkata this could be potentially dangerous for a young girl.

I've begun to take more time naming these fine art images as well, at least for my own sake of bestowing some kind of meaning and relevance. In this case, I decided "Girl Alone" was perfect.

"Girl Alone" is being offered as a Unique edition print:

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